yo mama so fat big chungus

☆ pisces sun virgo moon gemini rising

☆neutral good



☆my gf was born with 206 bones. now 205. now 204. now 203. now 202. now 201. now 200.

☆im iraqi

☆ mmmmmmmmmhmmmm i hate mystic messenger. never talk to me abt it

☆in 2016 i was stupid and got a callout, i apologized to everyone and befriended p much most ppl that called me out anyways. if you wuz a kinnie on tumblr in 2016 lmk who you were. maybe we wuz frans. maybe this is our reunion. maybe i had sum things i never said to you that i can say now. who knows. ask me anything on it i kind of find it really comedic

☆i dont actually have a girlfriend i just really really really like that meme.
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